New Beginnings Charitable Foundation was founded by Roger Annett from Kilkeel, Co. Down after many visits to Uganda on building teams.
About Us
Roger was very touched by the children he met there who, despite economic and social deprivation, retained such good humour and love.

Roger now lives and works on site overseeing all aspects of the work there, providing a full caring service devoted to orphans and underprivileged children.

We are a Christian charity and work closely with the nearby community church.

Mission Statement

NBCF will seek to provide the resources to allow the development and maintenance of secure housing, educational and medical facilities for underprivileged and orphaned children in Uganda.
NBCF is a Christian based charity and welcomes children from all backgrounds in the hope that one day they will become responsible caring adults in their chosen communities and that all will come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

Who are we?

NBCF is a non-profit making organisation set up by a group of volunteers in Northern Ireland. We will work closely with an experienced and carefully selected team in Africa to help bring a better quality of life to some of Uganda’s most vulnerable young children.

NBCF has purchased approximately 8 acres of land beside a small rural village in the Nakasangola District in Uganda adjacent to the local school. We plan to purchase additional land for farming in the area.

This area has suffered greatly both from the effects war and from AIDS.

Who will we help?

New Beginnings ChildrenUganda has a population of approx. 30,000,000 people there are an estimated 2,300,000 orphans below the age of seventeen.

NBCF aims to bring hope to children who feel hopeless, and embrace the rejected.

Children will be selected from the following backgrounds:

  • AIDS Orphans from the Nakasongola district.
  • Direct from those sleeping rough on the streets.
  • National Rehabilitation Centre; for captured street children, abandoned children and young offenders.
  • Domestic Violence Victims — Some communities in Africa still use harsh disciplinary methods towards children and some need to be rescued.
  • Those orphaned due to war — many children have lost both parents due to the war in Northern Uganda and need help and support.
  • Abandoned babies —babies who have simply been abandoned and on the streets.

How will we help?

New Beginnings Home
NBCF aims to offer care, protection and love through the establishment of Children’s Villages in which:

  • House parents will be a mother/father figure to approx. 8 children accommodated in a traditional African style village. The development was started with the construction of 3 larger homes, cooking area and toilet facilities followed by a number of smaller traditional homes.
  • Children will be encouraged in academic, vocational and basic life skills, to enable them to become productive and self sustainable members of the community.
  • Each child’s medical needs will be monitored, and catered for.
  • Counselling will be offered to each child. It is hoped that some of the children, with short term problems, will eventually be reunited with their families.
We plan to work with local authorities and local communities to ensure that this work done in a way that does not alienate the people of the area, but rather involves them in the project. We want to encourage community ownership and support.

Management Committee

Mrs Jennifer Annett
Development Manager: Mr Rodney McBride
Project Manager: Mr Roger Annett
Child Sponsorship Manager: Ms Robyn Knox
Secretary: Mrs Adele Knox
Communications & Media Mr Neil Davey
Mr Jamie Hanna
Mrs Lisa Cousins

To enable us to manage the project and have local involvement in Uganda we have created an Executive Committee and a Sub-Committee based in Nakasangola, comprising some locally based skilled based people, along with a Management Committee representative from Northern Ireland.

The Executive Committee and Sub-Committee will make local decisions, delegated by the Management Committee, and have a significant input into the general direction the organisation is proceeding, but it will be governed by the Northern Ireland Committee in terms of overall strategy and financial issues.