Questions and Answers

  • Food and accommodation: £20.00
  • Education: £24.00
  • Medical Expenses: £6.00
  • TOTAL: £50.00
  • Find out more from the About Sponsorship page.

There is no set time limit for sponsoring a child. Each child’s needs vary and it will depend on each child’s progress when sponsorship should end.

No child will be leaving our care until they are re-settled or are responsible adults who are capable of looking after themselves.

If you cannot continue your sponsorship for any reason please do not hesitate to contact our sponsorship manager and notify your bank. Your child will continue to get full care until another sponsor has been allocated.
Yes you can write and send small gifts to your sponsor child. We have team members that travel to Uganda on a regular basis and they can deliver these to your sponsor child.
Yes, we usually send approximately 2 teams per year to the village at Nakasongola.
Find out more about joining a team on the Get Involved page
It is New Beginnings policy to seek to provide the best care for a child in our care and in some cases this may mean re-settling a child with a member of their extended family.
Find out more about re-settlement on the Child Re-settlement page.

These are general questions and answers,for more information feel free to contact us…

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