Children Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating children from different backgrounds

Each child that comes to New Beginnings may need to be rehabilitated as they are coming from a wide range of underprivileged backgrounds.

These children are orphans and we seek to give them a secure family orientated upbringing, therefore every child will be living in a home with two house parents where they will be loved and cared for.

When we home new street children it is particularly difficult for them to settle in as they are not used to living in a home, using the toilet, going to school, obeying the rules or being cared for.

Therefore when each child comes to New Beginnings they will be given counselling from trained staff at the village, the children that come from the streets especially need a lot of counselling and this will continue throughout their time at New Beginnings.

Some of these children have had a horrific start to life so this counselling is vital to their development.