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This is Wilson. Wilson lost both his parents after a long illness and thereafter, he was handed over to his paternal Aunt who abused him by locking him up in a dark room for one year with both arms and feet tied up.

Ainembabazi Prudence

This is Ainembabazi Prudence. Prudence was living with her mother before coming to New Beginnings.  The mother was imprisoned for murdering her 7-year-old son. The reason they gave for the murder was that the man she was currently in a relationship with did not want her children, especially the

Nakayise Gift

This is Nakayise Gift. Gift was abandoned as a baby. Her mother left her outside a bicycle repair shop in Nakasongola town, where Gift’s father used to work, but unfortunately, he had moved on to a different location. Gift was severely malnourished as she was not receiving the nutrients she

Mayinja Ronald

This is Mayinja Ronald. Ronald lived with his parents in a house in Kampala but both parents died from aids and he was left alone in the house.  The police learned about this and took him to a government reception centre, where children can stay until a home is found for them.  Ronald was then

Wilson’s Blog

Wilson is one of the children under the care of New Beginnings – I’m sure many of our volunteers are familiar with this sweet boy. Wilson came to New Beginnings after he was severely mistreated. He was locked in a dark grass-thatched hut and survived by eating his own faeces. During this time,

Easter Blog

‘The cross is the victory; the resurrection is the triumph. The resurrection is the public display of the victory, the triumph of the crucified one.’ – Leon Morris Easter is the most important celebration for Christians and an event we look forward to each year. It is a time of remembrance and

A rewarding school year!

Today we want to thank all of you who support the work of New Beginnings! We received official communication Nbs primary school has been ranked in 9th position out of 143 in the district. These wonderful children mostly coming from deprived backgrounds hit the headlines with their hard work and